Friday, January 1, 2010

About me aa .

Hello heyy peep's , let me intro more detail about myself . I sure you wanna know rite , okay my name LalaEiyla . You can call me Eiyla for short . I'm 23 year' old in 2017 , my birthday is 29 January 1994 . I stay at Shah Alam , Selangor . And student of S.M.K Kota Damansara sek.4 . I'm mixx blood Chinese and Thailand , and I can speak in Chinese . For sure , I'm taken now and his name is M.A.Z . I'm a happy - go - lucky person , can be a crazy crazy sometime and can be serius if I get mad . aha , I'm not take seriusly if people talk bad shit about me . Coz I know all that's is nonsense only , coz I know who I am is and I know what type of myself and I never do any stupid thing like you do . HAHA :P Okayy , now you are in my blogger and i hope you did'nt do something stupid at my blogger yahh . BTW , please be my follower's and I'll do the same okayy . Okay read more my story and drop you comment's yahh . So , have fun yahh . See yahh , bubyet (:
Boys : It seems like the love is gone honeyy , you deserve her more than me . well baby , im not gonna turn back to you , i'll be much better without you in my life ! :)
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Anonymous said...

ommmey dop owner blog nim.... huhuhhuhhu

Hey, nak pergi dah kea? Alah, kejap lah nie dah jadi followers ke belum? Kalau belum, baik jadi followers dulu baru pergi, hehe. Btw, Terima kaseh kerana menjadi Fan's saye . Untuk pengetahuan anda SORRY saye tidak mengamalkan cara KAU FOLLOW AKU , AKU FOLLOW KAU BALIK ! Saye akan follow blog anda jika saya berminat . :)

Segala design adalah hak milik ciptaan kekal LalaEiyla@2011. Thanks kunjungi blog yang tak berape nak gah nie okay. Sila-2 lah jenguk kemari lagi, Salam.