Sunday, September 9, 2012

When I...

Heyyo Guy's, I'm back. Oh sorry for my long holidays. hehehe. Btw, for muslim Selamat Hari Raya you all. Not too late for me to wish aite? Hehe. Okay, for sure lately I'm so busy with my own life. hahaha. Yeah, happy and suck life. So, that's why I did't update my blog so long time. haha, OhMyEnglish. Yahhh, I try to improve my english actually. hehe. For yall info, I have forget alot of english word. What a so bad aite! Okay, now I have to learn back. So please, teach me. Not laugh to me, thanks :)

Oh, here I wanna story. Erhh, know what? Guess what? haha. Okay, telling one secret here. I mish my ex! hahaha. Kay now we are friends. Almost four year we know each other, almost four years we break off! But we still friends until now. And seriusly, I mish to meet him! Capital F, I do want to meet you. ;') Seriuly, I want to see your face see your smile see you eating infront of me hear you voice. Errhh, Yah I sayang you. I sayang you as my brother, I hope you dont mind :)

Okay, one more. To my belove, sometimes you make me angry with you! You know what? I hate when I angry with you coz this can make my love less for you. So please, dont make me angry with you. Want you to know, IloveyouasmuchasIcan ;'| Hope that you wont always ignore me.

Kay, that's suck story I think so. Errrr, Sorry for this entry. I feel so bad, and this is what I type so. Before I story more bad, Is good if I away from keyboard. Sorry again for this stupid entry. Kbhai :)
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